Trix Bass

Why What's a Trix Bass?

The Trix bass has been with me since the year 19*cough cough* a long time. A few folks recognize the guitar even before they recognize me.

The Trix bass is a Maxx Jammer bass, a Japanese lawsuit Fender Jazz knockoff. I know very little about the company and have seen very few other Maxx Jammer basses. (The Trix box was my own decoration, in my very early playing years.) It was my main instrument until the early 2000s, when 5-string basses became a must in the jobbing scene.

I still play and record with it when a 5-string bass is not required, and people are still impressed by the sound coming from a bass they've never heard of with a Trix box on it.

  • Other basses I use include:
  • Lakland 55-63
  • Lakland 55-01 (Fretless)
  • Fender '70s Jazz Bass
  • Fender 1973 Precision Bass
  • Larrivee Fretless (electric bass)
  • Yamaha TRB 06
  • Christopher 5 string upright bass
  • Hofner upright bass